Find Short term lets in London, UK

Brithomes is a leading Short Letting agent in London, Uk. We are providing houses and flats/apartments to rent in London for short stay rental accommodations with luxurious 1 bedroom with 6 bedrooms or more bedroom apartments available at affordable prices.

Our short lets service gives landlords or anyone the flexibility of letting their spare rooms, flats or houses from 1 week to 3 months or more, and this can be done whenever they want. Top rent is guaranteed and landlords can take advantage of our “free short lettings service”. We do not charge Landlords agency fees on short lets, this service is completely free and it does not limit landlords to a certain amount of properties, they can list as many properties as possible at any time completely free. We also do not charge for arranging and conducting viewing.

We cater for 4 types of clients;

1. Professionals such as doctors, lawyers, IT consultants, bankers, contractors and students on internship who come to London to work on short-term contracts.

2. Job Seekers are mainly people who come from abroad to find jobs in London, the majority of them are in London for a specific period of time to find jobs. Those who are successful in finding jobs go on to rent long term accommodations, while those who do not find jobs within the specific time they had estimated the return to their respective countries.

3. Holidaymakers are people who are on holiday and who prefer to stay in the homely environment rather than in hotels. This is particularly common with families as they refer accommodations where their children would be able to move about and play. Also certain individual like the homely feel where they can cook.

4. Students are mainly people who come to learn English in London for a few weeks.

All of the above can find it difficult to find landlords who are willing to rent their properties to them just for a few weeks. Brithomes makes this possible for both landlords and tenants as a result of our intense marketing medium. We have a constant flow of tenants which means landlords do not have to worry about their properties being vacant as we simply line up another tenant when one is leaving.

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